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Applewood Smoked Ham

$7.50 /LB

Applewood Smoked Turkey Breast

$9.02 /LB

BBQ Loaf


BBQ Sauce


Beef Bologna


Beef Sausage


Black Forest Ham


Cajun Turkey


Fresh Kabobs Chicken/Pork /Beef

$7.99 /LB

Fresh Kabobs Ribeye / Filet Mignon

$14.99 /LB

Fried Chicken Breast

$7.48 /LB

Ham Hog


Holly BBQ

$6.99 /LB

Holy Bologna


Hoop Cheese

$5.99 /LB

Pork Sausage


Pressed Ham


Sliced Chicken


Stuffed Ribeye / Filet Mignon

$29.99 /LB

Stuffed Tenderized Beef

$10.99 /LB

Stuffed Tenderized Chicken

$9.99 /LB

Stuffed Tenderized Pork

$9.99 /LB

Turkey Legs

$2.99 /LB

Whole Ham

$2.99 /LB

Wrapped Jalapeno/Green Bean

$7.99 /LB

Wrapped Ribeye/Filet Mignon

$17.99 /LB

Wrapped Shrimp /Fish

$7.99 /LB


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